Seller’s Checklist

Check out these great tips from Adams Realtors on selling your home.

Prepare home for selling by freshening up the paint, if necessary, making obvious repairs, cleaning up the yard and generally de-cluttering.
Have licensed pest control company provide you with a listing termite letter. This termite letter may need [...]

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Buyer’s Checklist

Once you have a binding contract on a home for purchase, you will need to complete the following activities:

Make application for loan, including filling out the application and paying the fee, by the deadline specified in the contract. Many lenders allow you to fill out the application online. And some offer a [...]

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Two Ways to Work with an Agent

There is a law in the state of Georgia, enacted in 1994 through the Brokerage Relationships in Real Estate Transactions Act (BRRETA), which defines and regulates the relationships between real estate brokers and the public. Under this law, you, as buyer, may have one of two relationships with your [...]

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