If you feel that your property’s value has fallen over the last year or so and that its value is now less than the value that the Tax Assessor has placed on the property, you have a small window of opportunity to trigger a re-valuation by your county tax assessor. Fulton County property owners have until April 1st to file a “return” on your property. DeKalb County property owners have until March 1st.

To file a return, you must appear in person at your county’s Tax Assessors office-usually the same office where you filed for your Homestead Exemption. You will need some form of identification and the property’s address. It will also be helpful if you have your Property Tax Identification Number from your tax bill. The tax assessor’s personnel will give you a printout of your property’s information and you will be able to fill in an amount that you feel is an appropriate value for your property. Filling out this form and signing it will automatically trigger a re-valuation of your property for tax year 2009. If the county agrees with the new value, your 2009 property tax bill will be based on that value. If the county disagrees with your value, it will trigger the appeal process.

Intown Fulton County residents can file a return at:

Fulton County Government Center
141 Pryor St., SW, Suite 1047-B
Atlanta, GA 30303
Office Hours- 8:30am to 5pm.

Intown Dekalb County residents can file a return at;

DeKalb County Tax Commissioner’s Office
4380 Memorial Drive, Suite 100
Decatur, GA 30032
Office Hours- 8am to 5pm