Property Tax Seminar to Educate and Help You with Your Appeal

Presented by Bill Adams & Adams Realtors

Tuesday, July 28 at 7pm on Zoom


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If you are a property owner in Fulton County, you should have received the Annual Notice of Assessment from your county’s Assessors Office. In many cases your “Current Year Fair Market Value” is substantially higher than the 2019 value. If you want to challenge the new valuation, we can advise and help you through the process.

Here’s what you need to know and what you can do:
  • Your assessment is viewable online at the county tax assessors website:
  • The assessment is not a bill, but a reflection of your property’s assessed value and an estimation of the property tax amount.
  • The important first step is to make sure that you file your written appeal within the deadline set by your county.
  • The deadline for your county is 45 days from the Notice Date and is listed in the shaded area at the top right corner of the notice.
  • Your appeal letter can be a detailed argument as to why the value placed on it by the assessor is too high or it can be as simple as arguing that “the value you placed on my property is too high”. The letter needs to be mailed, certified return receipt requested, or hand delivered to the assessor’s office listed on the notice. If you hand deliver the letter, please bring a second copy and have the clerk stamp it “received” so that you will have a record of your letter being received.
  • In your letter, you have a choice of appealing to the Board of Equalization or Arbitration. Most property owners pick the former and when you attend one of our sessions on appealing your taxes, we will explain the difference between the two approaches.
  • We encourage you to consider an appeal if your home’s Fair Market Value is higher than expected.
  • All instructions are listed on your assessment and the appeal process is explained online as well:
We’re here to help you through the process!