The results of the July 2009 ADAMS REALTORS Intown Atlanta Market Survey are in and we have compared the numbers for July ‘09 to our June ’09 results as well as comparing the numbers from this month to those from July ’08.

There are some encouraging signs when comparing the numbers from last month’s survey to this month’s survey. The overall Average Year over Year Sales price was virtually unchanged from last month’s number: $398,368 for the 12 months leading up to June ’09 versus $396,802 for the last 12 months. The decrease in Average Sales Price from June to July was only .39% and may be a signal that we are at the bottom of the market as far as “price deterioration” is concerned.

The Average Number of Days on the Market stretched out a bit from 81 in June to 84 in July, an increase of 3%.
The Number of Units Sold fell from 1,547 in June’s survey to 1,463 in this month’s survey, a decrease of 5.4%.
Total Annual Sales Volume for the Intown Atlanta market fell from $470,905,590 in June to $438,777,165 in July or about 6.8%

Comparing the July 2008 results to July 2009 numbers we found the following:

Average Sales Price for the Intown Market fell by 8% from $433,524 to $396,802.
The Average Number of Days on the Market increased by 3% from 81 to 84.
The Number of Units Sold fell by 19% from 1,802 to 1,463.
The Total Annual Sales Volume fell by 32% from $642,807,476 to $438,777,165.

Our next posting will cover the Intown South Market.