Our History & Philosophy

Serving Atlanta Since 1979

As a native Atlantan, I have always loved the City’s downtown and historic intown neighborhoods. My family moved to Atlanta in the early 1850s. I grew up in Grant Park in a house that my grandparents built in 1902. I went to school from the first grade through graduate school in downtown Atlanta.

As a child growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, I witnessed and mourned the decline of those wonderful old “close-in” neighborhoods. By the time I was in my early twenties in the late ’60s, I had gotten involved in early intown revitalization efforts in Grant Park under the auspices of a program known as “Model Cities.” After a tour of duty in the Army and Graduate Business School at Georgia State University, I joined the forerunner of the Grant Park Neighborhood Association in late1974. In the early 1970s most intown neighborhoods were “redlined” by banks and neglected by the local government. The neighborhood revitalization movement in Atlanta was in its infancy. Banks refused to make loans in these “high risk” neighborhoods. The level of city services was poor and to make matters worse, the City in the 1950s had rezoned many of these neighborhoods from single-family to multifamily residential.

I became a neighborhood activist in Grant Park and along with others helped to bring about one of the largest “down zonings” in City history, converting the area back to single-family/duplex zoning from apartment zoning. I was also a community representative and later President of the local Neighborhood Housing Services program, which helped local lenders understand the housing market in the City’s neighborhoods and helped end their practice of not making loans in these communities. I later served as a neighborhood association and Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) Chair as well as a board member of the civic groups working to restore the Cyclorama in Grant Park and historic Oakland Cemetery.

All of these experiences have had a profound effect on me and the company that I began in 1979. I had a commercial real estate background, but came to realize that strong neighborhoods are vital to a city’s quality of life and even its very existence. Our approach to residential real estate has always reflected the values of neighborhood activism. Our transactions involve people, not just numbers. After more than a quarter century of service, our hope and our goal in each of our sales is still that our clients and the communities in which they choose to live are better off as a result of having done business with us.

I hope that you find our website to be a helpful tool whether you are in the planning to buy, sell or are just trying to get a good feel for the state of the residential real estate market in Atlanta. If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at wtadams@adamsrealtors.com.


Bill Adams, CRB, CCIM


Our Core Values: Success, Integrity, Wisdom, Dependability, Community

At Adams Realtors we define SUCCESS as having our clients get up from the closing table smiling. To accomplish this success, we start by putting the needs of our clients absolutely first, which to us is the essence of INTEGRITY. We bring the collective WISDOM of our agents to every real estate deal … wisdom that comes only from the company’s years of experience in the business. Whether it’s showing up at the appointed time or making sure all details are noted and deadlines met, we believe DEPENDABILITY is also an essential ingredient of a successful real estate transaction. Ultimately, we believe that your successful purchase or sale adds value to COMMUNITY. And we are proud to play a role in building and sustaining a thriving community.